The climate in Crete can be described as typical Mediterranea. Summer is hot and dry with sparce clouds and lots of sunshine. Winter is mild, although in certain areas there may be snow and temperature may drop to unusually low levels.


According to Greek mythology Talos was a man of bronze, made by Hephaestus, whom Zeus gave to Europa after he kidnapped her and took her to Crete. Talos became the guardian of Crete, circling the island three times each day and throwing stones at any ship which approached its shores. He had a single vein, which ran from his neck to his ankle and was closed by a single bronze nail. When the Argo approached Crete on the way back from obtaining the Golden Fleece, Medea cast a spell on Talos and then removed the bronze nail; all of Talos' blood ran out and he died, thus enabling the ship to land. The Argonauts then disembarked, they built a shrine to Minoan Athena and continued their journey towards Greece.


The small fishermen village of Bali on Crete lies at the most beautiful part of the northern coast with easy access from the mainroad: Heraklion (40 kilometres to the west) - Rethimnon (32 kilometres to the east).
The village combines its authenticity as an old fishing-village with a wide range of facilities to comfort its visitors.
In recent years Bali has been developed into a popular tourist resort but still preserves its traditional character.

In addition to the many facilities of the village, Bali is also an ideal starting-point to explore the imposing scenery of middle and western Crete ( Idi and Lefka Ori).